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Gilead Following Multiple Paths Toward HIV Functional Cure

functional cure for HIV

Scientists pursuing a functional cure for HIV have been emboldened by the Berlin patient and other cases, says Dr. Warner Greene, director of the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology in San Francisco. “The anecdotal cases suggest that we’re not tilting at windmills,” says Greene, a top HIV expert. Greene sees an urgent need for a cure. Patients taking long-term antiretroviral drug regimens are still vulnerable to the premature onset of diseases of aging. Across the globe, about 35 million…

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CCR5 : Researchers Find Promise in Altered Genes to Suppress HIV

CCR5 Gero Huetter

Scientists already knew that certain people who lack that receptor, called CCR5, are naturally resistant to HIV infection. One man – who was treated in Germany and now lives in San Francisco – became the first patient to be effectively cured of HIV after he received a CD4-cell transplant from a donor without the CCR5 receptor. Scientists in the new study, which began five years ago, extracted CD4 cells from the 12 patients, then used the Sangamo agent to reprogram those…

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PrEP : Long-Lasting Drug Could Thwart HIV


A single injection of an anti-HIV drug may someday protect people from infection with the AIDS virus for up to 3 months. That’s the implication of monkey experiments reported in the 7 March issue of Science. “This is the most exciting thing happening that I know of in HIV prevention studies today,” says Robert Grant, a virologist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), who was not involved in the studies. A vaccine to prevent HIV infection is still…

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