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Charlie Sheen: “If there is one guy on this planet that’s going to deliver a cure, It’s me.”

Charlie Sheen HIV positive and Cure

“If there is one guy on this planet to contract this, that’s going to deliver a cure, It’s me. It’s me. Seriously. Seriously.”                                 – Charlie Sheen, Today Show Exclusive Interview, November 17, 2015   Charlie Sheen revealed he is HIV positive Tuesday in an exclusive TODAY interview with Matt Lauer.  “It’s a hard three letters to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life,” the 50-year-old actor said. Sheen said he made the announcement to end a smear campaign…

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What Is It Like to Be Cured of AIDS? A Conversation With the Berlin Patient


Interview and Portraits by Daniel Jack Lyons for the Huffington Post on November 13, 2015 When Timothy Ray Brown underwent a bone marrow transplant in Berlin during the winter of 2007, he was unaware of the historical significance that the surgery would later have. He hoped that the grueling procedure would free him from Leukemia, and he knew there was an unlikely chance that he could also be rid of HIV. Eight years later, Brown remains free from Leukemia and…

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Vice on HBO Special Report: The Fight to End AIDS


Countdown to Zero is a VICE on HBO special report on the fight to end AIDS.  It will focusing on the breakthroughs in cure, prevention and treatment including finding a cure.  The documentary is currently airing on HBO and had its World Premiere on Tuesday, December 1, (World AIDS Day). Learn more by going to VICE on HBO by clicking here. The special, hosted by VICE founders and correspondents Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi, goes inside the search for a…

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Tale of Two Diagnoses: For seven months, Gary Steinkohl believed he was cured


For seven months, Gary Steinkohl believed he was cured of HIV. Appeared in POZ Magazine, by Casey Halter on November 3, 2015 In July 2012, the world was told that two HIV-positive men with lymphoma, who had recently undergone chemotherapy and stem cell transplants, had stopped taking their antiretroviral medications and for months showed no signs of HIV in their blood. The findings—which were presented in Kuala Lumpur at the 7th International AIDS Society Conference from a study led by…

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