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The City of Love Could Lead the Way Toward Ending HIV Transmission


As we enter our fourth decade without a cure for HIV, public interest in ending new infections has seemed to wane. Now’s not the time to stop talking about AIDS. With important new treatment and prevention tools in our arsenal, San Francisco — known as the City of Love — could be the first U.S. city to end HIV transmission. The world looks to San Francisco for leadership in HIV control with good reason. Driven by love and the desire…

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PrEP : Long-Lasting Drug Could Thwart HIV


A single injection of an anti-HIV drug may someday protect people from infection with the AIDS virus for up to 3 months. That’s the implication of monkey experiments reported in the 7 March issue of Science. “This is the most exciting thing happening that I know of in HIV prevention studies today,” says Robert Grant, a virologist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), who was not involved in the studies. A vaccine to prevent HIV infection is still…

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