A Conversation About Curing HIV with Timothy Ray Brown and Dave Purdy

A World AIDS Day Interview December 1, 2014 by MaryBeth Grewe of searcHIV

Timothy Ray Brown is currently the only person considered to be cured of HIV and is the co-founder the Cure for AIDS Coalition with Dave Purdy. searcHIV had the opportunity to interview Timothy Ray Brown and Dave Purdy about their thoughts on HIV cure research and the founding of their organization. We are sharing it today in recognition of World AIDS Day 2014.    Find the full interview here



Timothy Ray Brown (left) with searcHIV Working Group member Joseph Tucker


searcHIV:   Your organization, the Cure for AIDS Coalition, is the first AIDS public-benefit corporation. This means that the organization can lobby and generate revenues, but all in the service of the larger social goal of curing HIV. Why did you decide to register as a public-benefit corporation and how will this be sustainable over time?

Timothy and Dave:   Great question. We specifically put ‘Cure For AIDS Coalition, Public Benefit Corporation’ on all of our materials so that people will ask us what that means. It’s a learning opportunity. First, there are so many AIDS-related organizations struggling to get by day to day. Originally we were going down the path of a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. But we felt we could potentially suck the air out of the room and potentially hurt really great organizations that are struggling and relying on grants and donations just to survive. We believe competition can be healthy, but not at the expense of hurting our brother and sister AIDS organizations that are doing really amazing work.

The public benefit corporation designation is fairly new and we feel it is a better fit for our mission. And you are right, we can lobby the hell out of Congress and elsewhere to fully fund HIV/AIDS cure-related research. For any organization that relies solely on grants and donations to survive, like many 501(c)(3) not for profit organizations, all it takes is a little financial earthquake for things to go tumbling in the wrong direction. We feel strongly that our public-benefit corporation model provides us with more options for funding and access to unique resources so that we at least have some control over our own destiny.

Find the full interview here.     As well as the great work searcHIV is doing on behalf of the HIV Community.