Cure for AIDS Report

Global Vision for the Cure Report

The Cure for AIDS Report or Cure Report officially launched on October 16, 2014 during the historic Strategies for an HIV Cure meeting hosted by the NIH in the Washington DC area. 

The following is an overview of our global vision for the Cure for AIDS Report (Cure Report), a project of the Cure for AIDS Coalition. But we cannot do this alone, everyone must take up arms in the war against AIDS that has taken so many lives and affected so many more.  It is our hope that the Cure Report will be a global resource for:




  • A resource to help create global awareness surrounding a Cure for AIDS to be written in easy-to-understand language to help create global understanding and support.
  • Global call to action for people living with HIV and AIDS, the LGBTQ community worldwide and the general public in support of a Cure for AIDS.
  • Clinical Trials Recruitment tool for participation in Cure for AIDS related research around the world.



  • A global education tool about a Cure for AIDS for people living with HIV and AIDS, the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) community, friends, family, the general public, teachers and students.
  • A resource to combat misinformation in the media surrounding a Cure for AIDS.
  • Resource to share updates and trends in Cure for AIDS research.
  • Include commentary from Timothy Ray Brown (“the Berlin Patient”) the first in the world cured of HIV, as well as commentary from other leaders on the front line in the effort to find a Cure for AIDS.
  • Have the Cure for AIDS Report be translated into other major languages.


Fund Research

  • A tool to solicit and engage support for full funding for a cure for HIV not only in the United States, but globally too.
  • Resource that works in partnership with agencies, organizations and companies currently focusing energy on Cure for AIDS related research.
  • Tool to garner support and investment by other countries currently not participating in Cure for AIDS research.