Cure for AIDS Coalition

The Cure for AIDS Coalition is the creative driving force behind the Cure for AIDS Report also known as the Cure Report.


Cure for AIDS report picture of Aaron LaxtonThe Cure for AIDS Coalition is a first of its kind AIDS organization in the world, a public benefit corporation whose sole mission is to find a cure for AIDS.  In 2013, it was officially announced the launch and  the creation of the world’s first Cure for AIDS Coalition, an initiative of the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation of the World AIDS Institute. Since the announcement it was decided to make the Cure for AIDS Coalition it’s own organization with a clear mission and focus.  The first project of Cure for AIDS Coalition is the creation of the Cure Report.  On the heels of the announcement of the Cure for AIDS Coalition, news broke of two patients from Boston might be cured of HIV.  Then the hope that a toddler from Mississippi may be cured of AIDS and more recently the announcement of a baby in the Los Angeles area may be cured as well. Regardless of the outcome of these cases – this solidified the birth of the Cure for AIDS Coalition.



Our Public Benefit Mission

The Cure for AIDS Coalition seeks to unite, educate, raise awareness and advocate for full funding for research for a Cure for AIDS.  It will be made up of a network of organizations, corporations, institutions, governments, foundations and individuals all dedicated to the goal of finding a cure for HIV. Through the full engagement of these groups in the United States and worldwide, we will accomplish the mission of the Cure for AIDS Coalition.


The Cure for AIDS Coalition seeks to…

  • Become a force of unification from Hollywood to Washington, DC and from Bangkok, Thailand to Johannesburg, South Africa as it relates to finding a cure for AIDS.
  • Foster more public/private partnerships as well as encourage governments around the world to support cure for AIDS related research.
  • Inspire cure-related advocacy
  • Provide accurate HIV cure information and education
  • Support efficient funding for a cure for HIV
  • Develop sound AIDS cure policy
  • Heighten safe recruitment for HIV cure-related clinical trials


The Cure for AIDS Coalition is the world’s first AIDS related Public Benefit Corporation

We are proud that the Cure for AIDS Coalition is the world first AIDS related public benefit corporation in the world.  A public benefit corporation is a relatively new concept and corporate designation.  In essence it is a company whose mission is to provide a product or service whose focus and mission is to actually help mankind. Most corporations especially in the United States are beholden to their stockholders, and have a legal responsibility to make as much-money as they can for their shareholders.  Companies that do not are at great risk.  A public benefit corporation is an organization that acts like a non-profit organization but without money making restraints or potential consequences of focusing on the common good of all of humanity.  In addition, a tremendous advantage is that a public benefit corporation can lobby aggressively, something that a non-profit 501-c3 organization is prohibited from doing.


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