Global Media Broadcasts

VICE on HBO Special Report on AIDS: Countdown to Zero

The documentary is currently airing on HBO and had it’s world premiere on Tuesday, December 1, (World AIDS Day).

Global Media Broadcasts: Timothy Ray Brown, will be interviewed (the first person in the world cured of HIV and Co-Founder of the Cure For AIDS Coalition and Cure Report).  As well as a visit to the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center in Seattle to take a look at the state of AIDS Vaccine Cure Research. 

Learn more by going to VICE on HBO by clicking here.


The First Man to Be Cured of HIV

Global Media Broadcasts: From Journey Man TV



Young Turks – HIV Cure?

Global Media Broadcasts: The most famous HIV patient in the world.


China National Television CCTV – HIV and a Cure for AIDS

Global Media Broadcasts: Interview with Timothy Ray Brown from CCTV in English and Chinese


HIV – The Hunt for a Cure

Global Media Broadcasts: From the program “Catalyst” on ABC Television Australia


President Obama announces $100M initiative to find HIV cure

Global Media Broadcasts: Watch Video here.


HIV Immunity Evolution

Global Media Broadcasts: From PBS in the United States


Interview with Timothy Ray Brown

Global Media Broadcasts: On Democracy Now during the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC on July 26 2012



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