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Welcome to the Cure for AIDS Report or Cure Report

cure logo 2We are so excited to welcome you to the Cure Report! My name is Timothy Ray Brown.  The media used to call me “the Berlin Patient” – I am the first person in the world Cured of AIDS. I am Editor of the Cure Report and Co-Founder of the Cure For AIDS Coalition along with Editor, Co-founder, friend and colleague, Dave Purdy.

Dave Purdy and I made the official announcement of the creation of the Cure For AIDS Coalition on November 4, 2013  during the, What Will It Take to Achieve an AIDS Free Generation conference in San Francisco, California hosted by Cell and The Lancet.

When Dave, Chad Johnson, and I sat down to discuss how we could best help the effort to find a Cure for AIDS, we felt it was most important that it be a community-based initiative and accessible to everyone around the world.

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We wanted to create  global resources and tools to help inform the HIV and AIDS, LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning), medical, scientific, global governments, stakeholders and global citizens of breaking news and advancements surrounding the search for a Cure for AIDS.

It needed to be  informative,  inspirational and completely accurate, after all  spreading false hope is not part of our mission.  After much discussion and soul searching, we are now launching what we are calling, the Cure for AIDS Report or Cure Report. The Cure for AIDS Report is the first major project of the Cure For AIDS Coalition.  We have poured our hearts and our souls into this project, and we are committed to helping end this dreaded disease once and for all!

The Cure For AIDS Coalition seeks to unite, educate, raise awareness and advocate for full funding for a Cure for AIDS. The Cure For AIDS Coalition will be made up of a global network of front-line organizations, corporations, institutions, governments, foundations and individuals all dedicated in the effort of finding a cure for AIDS (HIV).  It will be the first of its kind in the now 33-year history of AIDS. 

But our success is dependent on all of us working together, putting away petty territorial, headline grabbing ego based behavior.  We have to go back to what launched the AIDS movement back in the early 1980’s.  Teamwork with one single goal in mind, ending this dreaded disease that has taken millions of our brothers, sisters and friends and loved ones and has affected so many millions more.

Experts and world leaders share with me all the time that every HIV and AIDS cure-related study, meeting, symposium and expert round table around the world is a direct result of my case and will to survive.  Just over a year ago, Dr, Gero Huettter, the doctor responsible for my cure, told me for the first time that they honestly only gave me about a 5% chance of survival.  Whatever….Lol, math wasn’t my favorite subject anyways!

I love to give researchers and scientists around the world a hard time about how they all know me intimately, as millions of samples and vials of my blood and tissue have been  spread out in laboratories all around the world. If they only knew how many pokes, prodding, surgeries and pain I endured so they could know me intimately, perhaps they would at least offer to buy me dinner.  But it’s all worth it in the spirit of finding a Cure for AIDS, in fact, I would do it all again, except perhaps the colonoscopies and spinal taps.  Those things hurt!

The Cure for AIDS Report and the Cure For AIDS Coalition will now be our main focus as we move forward in the global effort to find a Cure for AIDS. 

I know in my heart and soul that I will not be the only one Cured of AIDS and I am dedicating my life to this journey and expedition. A Cure for AIDS for everyone around the world.

We will not let you down.


Timothy Ray Brown                                      Dave Purdy                                                         Gero Huetter, M.D.  
Editor, Cure Report                                           Editor, Cure Report                                              Editor, Cure Report
Co-Founder, Cure For AIDS Coalition              Co-Founder, Cure For AIDS Coalition                 Chief Scientific Adviser, Cure For AIDS Coalition


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Meet Our Founders, Editors, Chief Scientific Adviser and Team


TRBHeadShot_DSC0184Timothy Ray Brown is Editor of the Cure Report and Co-Founder of the Cure For AIDS Coalition and Co-Founder of the World AIDS Institute. Dubbed by the media “the Berlin Patient”, he is the first person in the world cured of HIV. Timothy’s story — arguably one of the most fascinating and followed in the realm of HIV research — began in 1995 when he was diagnosed with HIV while attending school in Berlin. For the next 11 years, doctors treated him successfully with anti-retroviral therapy. In 2006, however, Timothy was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia — and underwent chemotherapy. While the first round of treatment appeared to work, it also made him more susceptible to infections. Brown developed pneumonia early on in his treatment, and he battled sepsis halfway through his third round of chemo. His doctors realized they would have to try a different approach. His oncologist, Dr. Gero Huetter of the Charite Hospital in Berlin, opted to give Brown a stem cell transplant to treat his leukemia.

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But rather than simply choosing a matched donor, he used the stem cells of a donor he found who additionally had what is known as a CCR5 mutation — a genetic mutation that makes cells immune to HIV. The transplant not only treated Brown’s leukemia but also eliminated HIV from his system. He was a living, breathing example of an HIV Cure. Timothy has decided to become a leader in the search for an HIV Cure.  He is a fierce advocate for the rights of those living with HIV and AIDS around the world and is dedicating his life to find a cure for the AIDS pandemic. A cure for everyone. Timothy is also an accomplished writer and editor as well as a German to English translator, having edited numerous books and papers over his career.

daveheadshot2015Dave Purdy is Editor of the Cure Report and Co-Founder of the Cure For AIDS Coalition and Founder and CEO of the World AIDS Institute. Dave has dedicated the past 25 years to the education and de-stigmatization of AIDS and to create an acute awareness of this growing problem facing the globe. Successfully battling his own fight with HIV, Dave continues to champion for new science and technology that can one day lead to the eradication of this disease. In 1988 Purdy moved to Los Angeles, CA where he began his formal work in HIV and AIDS.  Prior to 1988 Dave managed professional athletes in Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles and also worked at Edelman Public Relations. In 1989, along with Dr. Walter Jekot, Dave is credited with co-developing the first ever successful treatment for AIDS related Wasting Syndrome- a disease that has killed millions worldwide. As lead researcher, he managed and led the global campaign to influence the acceptance and research of hormone therapies like anabolic steroids and growth hormone as treatment for AIDS-Wasting Syndrome. Hormone testing and treatment is now standard of care for patients living with HIV.

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In 1993 in New York City, Dave co-founded NUMEDX: HIV and Hepatitis medical journals. From 1994 thru 2004, NUMEDX was the most widely circulated HIV and Hepatitis related medical journals with total estimated readership of over a half million. Dave has consulted with U.S. and Global AIDS Service Organizations, Local, State and Federal Governments, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Diagnostic Corporations. In 2008, Dave moved to Washington DC and then headed and expedition throughout Africa to create a pilot program for a Mobile Off-Road Clinic called MORC. In 2011, Dave helped launch the World AIDS Institute with friend and colleague Chad Johnson. Late 2012, Dave sat down with the editor and publisher of the Washington Blade, one of the most respected gay publications, to create for the very first time a Health section.  The Blade launched Health in 2013, where Dave took on the role as lead health and op-ed writer.
Gero HuetterGero Hütter, M.D. is Chief Scientific Adviser of the Cure Report and Cure For AIDS Coalition. He is also Head of the Stem Cell Unit at the Institue of Transfusion Medicine and Immunology Manheim of the Heidelberg University in Germany. Gero is a German hematologist. Hütter and his medical team transplanted bone marrow deficient in a key HIV receptor to a leukemia patient, Timothy Ray Brown (the Berlin Patient), who was also infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Subsequently, the patient’s circulating HIV dropped to undetectable levels. The case was widely reported globally in the media, and Hütter was named one of the “Berliners of the year” for 2008 by the Berliner Morgenpost, a Berlin newspaper.  In 2009, Hütter, Eckhard Thiel and others from the Charité Hospital in Berlin, Germany, published a report on the case in the New England Journal of Medicine. Their patient Timothy Ray Brown, a US citizen born in Seattle, Washington, and living in Berlin, had both acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and HIV. The physicians found a bone marrow donor with a CCR5-Δ32 mutation in both genomic copies of a gene encoding a cell-surface chemokine receptor called CCR5. Because “most of HIV strains” use the CCR5 receptor to enter a host cell, the mutation confers resistance to HIV infection.

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The patient himself was heterozygous for CCR5-Δ32. Following the transplant procedure, the patient’s CD4+ T-cells circulating in the blood were homozygous for CCR5-Δ32. The macrophages in his bowel, which continued to express wildtype CCR5 (because they hadn’t been replaced yet from bone marrow precursors), also had no detectable virus. After 600 days without antiretroviral drug treatment, the patient’s blood, bone marrow and bowel HIV levels were below the limit of detection; the virus was thought to be present in other tissues. However, the patient actually had a brain biopsy, in addition to biopsies of his intestines, liver, lymph nodes, bone marrow—basically, every part of the body that can be biopsied. All were negative for virus. There is no virus in this person’s body out to two and a half years off of all anti-HIV drugs. His antibody levels—called titers—are declining just the way expected if the patient was vaccinated against HIV and then the levels of antibodies were examined. They’d be very strong in the beginning, but would weaken if they are not re-exposed to the virus. It is believed this patient has no HIV in his body and therefore there is nothing to re-expose him, so the concentration of HIV antibodies in his blood is decreasing. It is predicted that, in a couple of years, his HIV antibody test will be negative. The mortality risk associated with bone marrow transplants is thought to contraindicate the use of this experimental treatment for HIV-positive individuals without leukemia or lymphoma. Some researchers such as Edward Berger believe that resistance to CCR5 inhibition may emerge if CXCR4 strains of HIV emerge (these use CXCR4 rather than CCR5 as a coreceptor, from which they become independent). Before the treatment though the patient had low levels of the CXCR4 virus but after the treatment this type of HIV could not be detected either which Hütter called “very surprising”. People without CCR5 can be more sensitive to some infections such as West Nile virus. 


Meet the Rest of Our Team:


Tim Hoeffgen is Lead Research Associate for the Cure Report.

Mark Lani is Media-master for the Cure Report.




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